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Craft spirits coming to Keyport!

Welcome comrades! Two years, many revised business plans and a lot of networking events ago, our team got together for the first time to talk about creating a distillery in New Jersey based off of our grandfather's recipe. Even now, as the dark cloud which is COVID-19 looms over us, we are pushing forward to get construction started with an opening date landing squarely in the autumn.

Soon enough, 3BR Distillery will be producing Keyport's very own craft spirits such as vodkas, whiskeys and gins including the special recipe created by our grandfather, Oleg. That particular brew was developed by the times and restrictions of the soft prohibition era in 1980's USSR. Read all about his story here. There's still something to look forward to before our opening! Stay tuned for more updates and also historical tidbits, community news and related events as we get closer to our debut! From 3BR with love!


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