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It began in 1986...

soviet history 1.png

The leader of the Soviet Union, General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, made the most ludicrous decision possible for the people of his country: He somehow decided that it would be a good idea to put a soft prohibition on alcohol - the very thing Russian people are stereotypically known to love.


Introducing, Oleg.

oleg 3.png

Our grandfather and eternal badass, Oleg Pichenikin. Having grown up in the aftermath of WWII, leaving school to join the workforce and growing up with limited resources, Oleg overcame his challenges by utilizing his resourcefulness. Where do we even begin? 


A note from the distiller:

Sadly, we didn’t grow up knowing our grandfather, but through our grandmother, we have his recipe, and with it, a piece of him. Our flagship spirit distilled from split peas follows our grandfather’s specifications. The liquor is not vodka, as everyone expects, but a different type of spirit altogether that pays homage to both our company’s and grandfather’s rebellious spirit. Enjoy a dram, reminisce on an adventurous past, and think about how lucky we are now. Na zdorovya!

Bulgarian anti-alcohol poster.
Anti-alcohol poster warning against drinking while pregnant.
"For health!"
Anti-alcohol poster from the 70s.
Probably the most hilarious poster.
Anti-alcohol poster from the 70s.
A warning against excessive drinking.
Bulgarian anti-alcohol poster.
The mind of a drunk.
We will defeat drunkenness.
Some guy about to destroy a perfectly good vodka-pig.
Ukrainian anti-alcohol poster.
A passage to another world.
"Where there is vodka, there is crime."

Move around these vintage Soviet anti-alcohol posters and take a closer look!

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