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Ginger honey liqueur

Unleash The Punk Within

Our Ginger Bear unfiltered Vodka is a sweet rebellion against the ordinary. We’re whole heartedly against synthetic flavors. Ginger Bear unfiltered vodka stands as a defiant emblem in the realm of cocktails, challenging convention.


A Revolution in Every Sip

Ginger Bear isn’t just a liqueur; it's a call to arms for those who seek boldness in their drinks. Infused with the spirited essence of ginger and sweetened with the golden touch of New Jersey cranberry blossom honey, this one-of-a-kind concoction is a versatile addition to any bar, professional or personal.

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Taste the Anarchy: Ginger, Spice, and Everything Nice

With Ginger Bear, each sip is a rebellion against monotony. Our locally made, small batch vodka liqueur marries the fiery kick of ginger with the subtle warmth of spice, all balanced by the natural sweetness of honey. This isn’t merely a drink; it's a manifesto of flavor, a declaration of defiance against the mundane.

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The Essence of Rebellion: Raw Ingredients, Untamed Flavor

In a world dominated by artificiality, Ginger Bear stands as a bastion of authenticity. Crafted with real ginger and pure New Jersey cranberry blossom honey, it captures the raw essence of nature in every drop. Distilled in the heart of Keyport, New Jersey, it pays homage to the rebellious spirit of those who came before us.


Revolutionize Your Bar: Not Just Cocktails, Culinary Creations

Our small batch, unfiltered vodka ginger honey vodka isn’t confined to just the cocktail realm; it's a versatile ally in your culinary arsenal. Use it to elevate your favorite desserts or add a fiery twist to classic recipes. Whether shaken or stirred, this ginger honey liqueur promises to ignite your imagination.

Join the 3BR Uprising: A New Era of Vodka

Step into the vanguard of flavor with  Ginger Bear, the ginger honey liqueur that's rewriting the rules. As a pioneer of the new vodka frontier,3BR  Ginger Bear ginger honey unfiltered vodka, is leading the charge towards a brighter, bolder future. Taste the revolution.

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