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share your art!

Submit your art to help us fill our page this Inktober! The more, the merrier!


bear, spirits, cocktail, star, bottle, soviet, space, distillery, alcohol, slavic, birch, vodka, russian, beets, punk, graffiti

We will be posting your submissions OCTOBER 1-31.
Taking submissions until OCTOBER 15.
Prizes are awarded every THURSDAY.

Here's Your Chance To Win


  • Must be 21+ to enter.

  • Submit up to 10 unique pieces. Each image is 1 entry to win prizes.

  • It is ok to submit existing art, no need to make something new unless you want.

  • Submissions must be made through - generate a link and paste it in the field below. (It is free - no need to sign up).

  • Submissions must be in PNG, JPG or PDF format. 

What topic(s) did you use?

Thanks for submitting!

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